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so say we all

April 2006

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The etiquette guide.


Welcome to the community! Just a few things to keep in mind...

We're here to relax!

If you get frustated by something concerning the game, please don't take it out on other players. The mod (dradis) is more than happy to mediate. We're all here to have a good time and it only takes one person to frak it up. So relax!

Events are forces of nature.

Hopefully, part of the reason you're here is because of the unexpected surprises that get thrown at your character. Events are like forces of nature that affect the world we RP in. They can be unpredictable, but not always unfortunate. It's like the turns we face in life. How do you deal with it? Can it be turned into an advantage for your character? The Cylons could be attacking. We could be low on water. It's an opportunity to get creative and react to the situation!

Events are writing prompts everyone may participate in (ZOMG! bonding experience), but they should be considered fun and not a requirement. To spice things up, dradis will occassionally post prompts to the community marked as [EVENT].

Because I care about your free will so much, you have the option of reacting to the prompt or not. Whether the consequences are fortunate or self-destructive for your character, I leave that up to you.

The continuity always reflects the DVD releases.

As a general rule, we move forward through the plot as a group and only if the episodes are already out on DVD. You're welcome to RP stories from the past. Just make a note of when in your header.

"Hey, can I...?"

Yes, you really can. If there's a will, there's a way.

The golden rule around here is: Canon above personal opinion. If you want to write slash, fine. If you can find a good excuse to visit the luxury liner, fine. If you want to pair an unlikely couple up, fine. If you want to end up in the brig for throwing a punch, fine! We'll support you. But make sure your basis is canon first, above all things. Leaving the Galactica should be a luxury and not a habit. Please be considerate of how your character affects others. Is what you're hoping to do something that could realistically happen on the show? If so, then knock yourself out. It's always best to ask the mod if you're unsure about these things, but remember that you find your own freedom aboard this ship, whether that means religiously, politically, sexually, morally, etc. Shape your character's own destiny and let others do the same.

Will my character ever get a chance to visit other environments (Caprica, Cloud Nine, Pegasus, Prometheus, etc.)?

Most likely. It'd suck if we stayed in Galactica all the time! However, your patience is appreciated because dradis is in charge of announcing these opportunities.

What are the posting expectations?

None. In fact, I hate 'em. Makes RP feel like a chore. There's no limit to the length of your posts, as you wouldn't have made it this far if you weren't competent at writing or didn't care about the game. (Yikes!) Feel free to RP when you have the time. You can go radio silent for as long as two months before I give your character to someone else. (Just let me know before you go somewhere, okay?) We'll miss you, of course, but the fleet must go on.

Do I have to maintain a journal for my character?

Nope. I don't want to put that kind of pressure on you, so it's your call. If you joined just to RP with other BSG fans, you're absolutely welcome here. Journals are fun, though.

Can I make my own characters?

Not yet. After the regular cast is all taken, then we'll worry about self-mades. There is one exception to this, of course, and that's...

"There are many copies"!

What a genius concept. Multiple copies of the same Cylon ARE allowed in the game. (Yet another reason why BSG lends itself so suitably to RP!) That means there can be several instances of Leobens running around, etc. You may not, however, "clone" the plot line of another Cylon in the game. (For example: Two Number Sixes can't be involved in a relationship with Gauis.) In other words, all we really ask is you try to make your Cylon personality distinct from the rest.

As always, consult the Character Roster to see which versions are unused.

Can I play characters who are outside of Galactica?

Yes, of course. But please take the responsibility of finding ways to interact with other characters on your own self.

Where can I find out more?

If you have absolutely nothing better to do, here are the game instructions.

Mod decisions are final.

Your opinions are always listened to and considered, but in the end, the mod must make a firm decision when one needs to be made. Please respect that. Thank you.